Got what it takes? If you're an up and coming artist and would like your designs to be used by sicocreative, then please submit your work for review and we'll consider you for commission.

For more information or to submit, please contact us.

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sicocreative know that a skateboard is more than just a piece of we've given you the chance to personalise it with an artist's design. The 7.5 ply medium concave skateboard decks are supplied by a
top skate manufacturer with our quality graphics applied to your board!

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Octo Paper Shapes - Deck

Octo is from the sico paper shapes range. Cheeky and bold illustration style. Hung up in the flat or grinding the curb this limited edition deck is a real must have.

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Octo Paper Shapes - Deck
Octo Paper Shapes - Deck
Octo Paper Shapes - Deck
Octo Paper Shapes - Deck
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